In this fast paced world filled with so much activity we have seen that there is too little time for healthy relaxation. That is why we offer a unique premium opportunity, with visible outstanding benefits to relieve stress and enhance productivity, energy, and personal wellbeing.


A program of relaxation and preventative therapy from Allure Spa in the City is a whole new perspective to wellbeing. We invite you to sign up to our Membership program, as a way of incorporating Spa treatments your daily working life for your overall wellbeing.

Spa treatments have been proven to:


  • Relieve stress and alleviate tension
  • Prevent illness
  • Enhance your productivity


Purchase an Allure Spa Preferred Membership in any category and incorporate Spa into your lifestyle. Our Spa Membership packages are designed to offer maximum flexibility and fantastic discounts.


Click here to Join today!


  • Enhance your performance without extra burden on time and money!
  • Invest in your yourself, your team, your family, your loved ones and start the journey to a wealthy healthy life

Contact Information

Allure SPA In The City ASIC – Ring Road East,
Effiansaba House Opposite the Vet
0540 115 500
0540 115 502
0244 344 347
0244 344 348
0244 344 349


Monday - Friday  9am - 7pm

Saturday - 9am - 8pm

Allure Spa In the City Gift Voucher

You can now purchase Allure Spa in the City Gift vouchers for your friends and loved ones at the following outlets:

  • Allure Spa in the City
  • Placito Gift Shop, Airport Shell
  • Placito Gift Shop, Dzorwulu

Thank you.

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